September 5, 2019 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Introducing woodwork in the early years

‘There is something really special about woodwork. It’s so different from other activities. The smell and feel of wood, sounds of hammering and sawing, hands and minds working together to express their imagination and solve problems, the use of coordination; all go together to captivate young children’s interest. It proves a truly unique experience’.

(Pete Moorehouse)


This 3-hour workshop will be facilitated by Scott Gibson, who will ensure participants build practical skills and confidence, whilst developing a deeper understanding of the benefits of woodworking with children. A wide variety of tools and resources will be supplied to maximise this learning experience.

Workshop participants will consider:

  • why woodwork in the early years?
  • adult’s roles in supporting learning, Workplace Health & Safety and understanding risk
  • getting started – useful tips on what you need, where to purchase and how much it will cost
  • project work with children.

This workshop will leave you with:

  • knowledge of tools suitable for different age groups and how to use them safely and effectively
  • confidence in promoting the benefits of woodwork to families and colleagues
  • clear understanding of processes essential to delivering quality woodworking experiences in early childhood settings.


Feedback from Hobart participants:

This workshop has given me the confidence to set up, supervise and document a woodworking activity. The structure and information provided in the workshop provided a step-by-step guide.


This was an excellent workshop, thoroughly enjoyed every minute.