October 13, 2021 6:45 pm - 8:30 pm

After last year’s disruptions we are back on track to continue and build on our popular OSHC Network Group sessions across the state with a focus on developing practical skills for individuals and teams working with school age children.

Topics brought forward from last year include: implementing STEM in OSHC, extending on children’s interests and ideas, applying the principles of Playwork to OSHC, identifying and documenting children’s learning, starting clubs in OSHC, developing a leadership program for school age children, exploring arts and crafts, plus integrating opportunities for the development of life skills.

It is intended each OSHC Network session will be delivered face-to-face for 1.5 hours every 8 weeks and held within an OSHC environment in the greater Hobart, Launceston and Ulverstone area. Here participants will engage in experiences to develop their practical skill development and delve into topics to inspire, challenge and create positive opportunities for children.

Location: TBC closer to each OSHC date

Session 1: Thursday 18th March

Developing a makerspace for school age children

In this networking session participants will explore planning and integrating a makerspace into your OSHC setting. Makerspaces are a great addition to your OSHC environment and are designed to engage children in hands-on, collaborative, and creative work. Makerspaces encourage learning theories such as constructivist, collaborative and inquiry-based learning where children learn by trial and error, seeing failures as a part of the process, whilst the educator takes on a coaching and supporting role rather than one of traditional teaching. We will be providing a range of tools and resources to inspire you and your team in creating the ultimate makerspace for children attending your program, whilst discussing strategies around our roles for supporting and scaffolding children’s interests.

This workshop will:
• Provide you with a deeper understanding of Makerspaces and the potential they hold for engaging school age children in meaningful, self-directed learning
• Inform you of the types of resources that could be incorporated into your Makerspace and how these might be presented to children
• Provide you with a range of project ideas to incorporate into your Makerspace (delivered as a practical hands-on component, with a range of resources provided for you to explore)
• Assist you in identifying and documenting learning and how to make this visible for families

Location Session 1: Lady Gowrie Glenorchy OSHC, Glenorchy Primary School, Kensington Street, Glenorchy.

Session 2: Thursday 10th June 2021

The Therapeutic quality of craft

Reinstating the skills of craft and the art of slowing down!

Scott will share his skills and experiences with you throughout the evening where you will have the opportunity to take part in a range of practical experiences, enabling you to build your knowledge through hands-on learning that include soap carving, string art, felting and mosaics.

Location Session 2: Lady Gowrie Integrated Centre, 269 Davey Street, South Hobart

Session 3: Tuesday 3rd August 2021

Developing a Benefit Risk Assessment

Fire, knives and tools

This hands-on workshop will help you to build your understanding around the procedure for developing an effective Benefit Risk Assessment, which is a critical element for supporting risk-based experiences in your setting. A Benefit-Risk Assessment not only supports children’s safety, well-being and opportunities to engage in risk-based experiences, but also supports effective management of risky play at an organisational level. We will explore fire, whittling with knives and using real tools with children by firstly looking at these topics practically, accessing a range of resources provided. The group will then go into detail and discuss the process for developing a benefit risk assessment for each of these topics using a sample template provided.

Location Session 3: The Friends School OSHC

Session 4: Wednesday 13th October 2021

Steiner inspired!

The nurturing art of handwork

Handwork lessons are more than a means of promoting dexterity and skill, it is a fundamental part of the Steiner curriculum from kindergarten through the grades. Rudolf Steiner was very particular about this. He saw the danger of the modern student losing the skill and confidence of making something “with their own hands” which he observed in traditional cultures as a vital ingredient for a healthy education. During this hands-on workshop we will explore modular origami, making rose windows, sewing with felt and hessian, and wet on wet watercolour.

Location Session 4: TBC

Session 5: Tuesday 7th December 2021

Christmas creativity

Christmas ideas with a difference

Join us for a workshop with a difference, where Scott will share his skills and knowledge around delivering lantern making and candle making workshops for children. Children will love making magical lanterns that look amazing lit up with a candle they have made with their own hands. Everyone will have the opportunity to construct a lantern from a range of materials and produce their own dipped candle from beeswax.

Location Session 5: TBC

6.45pm-8.30pm $40.00 per session or $175 for the complete series. (Discount for whole series upfront payment)

August 3, 2021 6:45 pm – 8:30 pm

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