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Little Scientists

Little Scientists Australia is a not-for-profit professional development program for early childhood educators and teachers and is a project supported and funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training through the National Innovation and Science Agenda.

The Little Scientists STEM program has been highlighted by the OECD in their ‘Innovative Teaching for Effective Learning’ (2012) report and is an excellent tool to meet a range of requirements of the National Quality Framework (NQF), the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the Framework for School Age Care (MTOP).

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Our Little Scientists workshops spark teachers’ and educators’ interest in STEM, building their confidence and encouraging daily implementation of playful scientific exploration together with the children. In addition, it provides teachers and educators with a variety of tools and educational concepts to meet a range of requirements of the NQF and the EYLF.

  • Our series of hands-on workshops provide a range of tools and educational concepts that support the implementation of inquiry-based discovery, scientific exploration, and research.
  • Each workshop has been developed to amplify children’s natural curiosity for STEM and to ignite their passion for lifelong learning, drawing on current knowledge in development psychology and learning research, and incorporates numerous empirical findings and observations made over the past ten years.
  • The program combines inquiry-based learning with age-appropriate STEM exploration and promotes an active, inclusive, play-based and co-constructed learning environment.
  • After each workshop, teachers, and educators can immediately facilitate child-led STEM exploration and make scientific exploration as accessible as possible. All of our workshops are built around using existing, low-cost, everyday materials.
  • Each workshop focuses on a different STEM topic in combination with a specific educational concept. Through every additional workshop, the participant’s confidence and competence in inquiry-based STEM learning grows.